• We can use them in our dance.
  • When YOU start using them?
  • Dance your self fit, but don't dance only with the body!
  • Check out the BODY WISDOMS TRAINING! It's a life-gift!
  • Learn what is never taught in the classroom or in the public.
  • For non professionals and professionals. Choose the best for you!
  • Find out what it can do for you!


Welcome to E-Dance!

Do You Dance?

Do you dance with your whole body?
Do you feel the music and do you show it?
Do you express yourself on the dance floor?
Do you know what you can do with your body?
Are you interested in the hidden body wisdoms?

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All about the »E«.


Emotion. Energy. Empowerment.

The soul of E-Dance. The force of your life. The chance to change.

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Dancing with the body is only an exercise.

Dancing with Awareness Changes Life!

Awareness you get through knowledge.
Do you believe that your body hides the secrets of life?
Do not only believe it. Know it!

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Upgrade Your Teaching-Style!

Teaching Training for Dance Teacher and Instructor.

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Upgrade Your Career!

Become an E-Dance Teacher or Body Wisdoms Trainer.

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E-Dance is not moving the body.
It is dancing the E-motions!

Life is not easy, but with E-Dance it is easier!


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